Grades 10-12

Graduation Program

64GO offers online academic and elective courses leading toward high school graduation

64GO supports different groups of learners in our grade 10-12 program:

Full-time school-aged students- Students who wish to access a full suite of course offerings applicable to their graduation program and goals. 64GO is their only school.

Dual-enrolled school-aged students -Students enrolled at another SD64 school who take one or more courses through 64GO

Adult Learners -Students completing their graduation requirements or graduated learners upgrading one or more courses. For more information see our Adult Learners page.

Program Snapshot

  • All students will complete a Student Learning Plan in consultation with a teacher and parent (school-aged) before accessing our online courses.

  • Students will have one school year to complete their course (by early to mid-June) and may work at their own pace. It is expected that students taking 64GO courses are independent learners able to create a realistic timeline to complete their work.

  • All of our Grade 10-12 courses are offered online through a virtual classroom. The benefit of the online courses is that they may be completed anytime and any place as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Teacher Support-Students will have opportunities to work with teachers face-to-face to support their online courses.

If you would like to learn more about our Grade 10-12 program or begin enrolment, please contact us at